• 1735 Hancock St., San Diego, CA 92101
  • 619-756-7345
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San Diego’s call for an authentic, European-style fish market and dining destination has been answered at Fishmongers’ Market! Our direct sourcing and global trading abilities enable us to offer an impressive seasonal seafood collection, presenting customers with the freshest mecca of flavors and variety at wholesale prices.

Enjoy our restaurant, where a European-style seafood bar will greet you and a menu swimming with irresistible choices will bring you back time and time again. Celebrity Chef Frankie, known as “The Bull” in culinary circles is at the helm, showcasing tasty lunch and dinner selections such as the Fishmonger's Paella, Salmon Carbonara, and Chocolate Covered Tuna. His decades of experience as a seafood buyer, second-generation fishing captain and international chef come into play with every dish he’s created.

Located within 57 Degrees, Mission Hills’ expansive wine retail and storage facility, Fishmonger’s Market pairs well, whether you come in to take fish to go, or join us for lunch or dinner within our restaurant, or out on the patio. Beer and wine are available, too. To expand your Fishmonger experience, inquire about our cooking classes, and consider us for your next party or corporate event.

San Diego is home to the freshest seafood. Find it at Fishmonger’s Market!

In a time now mostly forgotten, San Diego was the tuna capital of the world. All along the harbor, boats were lined up sometimes three-deep against the docks. From there, generations of fishermen went out to sea to earn a difficult and dangerous living. At an early age, I too went out to sea, the son of a son of a fisherman. As the years passed by, the industry slowly disappeared from the San Diego waterfront, and the age of the San Diego fishing industry was over.

We here at Fishmonger’s Market keep that memory alive and honor the men and women who worked to support our mariners. We do this by providing you with the freshest quality seafood in both our market and from our kitchen. We hope that with each taste, a piece of the fishermen’s spirit finds a place in your heart. I leave you with a prayer whispered on the wind, over the sea:

God, give me strength to catch a fish,
So big that even I,
When telling of it afterwards,
Have no need to lie.

God Bless
Frankie ‘The Bull’